Its keys sound snappy and provide gratifying audible feedback, but they aren’t so loud or clacky as to disturb another person in the same room. The keyboard is equipped with a tablet stand for up to 10.5 inch screens and most 12 inch screens. The Logitech K380 measures 10.9 inches wide, 4.9 inches deep, and 0.6 inch thick, and it weighs 15 ounces; it isn’t too large or heavy to slip in a bag and take with you. ), and it has a built-in battery that you can charge through its USB-C port. Naturally, smaller keyboards are easier to transport. Justin Krajeski has tested, lived with, and reviewed hundreds of computer accessories and has been using the Logitech K380 since 2016. Even if it’s an older model, the K380 is still a very good choice for pretty much any activity. Also, there is an integrated phone and tablet stand that holds your devices steady, so you can type and read with ease. Few keyboards do this well (most can pair with only one device at a time), and our pick is the only one that couples this trick with a truly comfortable typing experience. Chances are you’ll be using your keyboard for years to come. The thing that catches the eye is the creative input dial on the top left of the keyboard. It also lacks a built-in number pad. If you’re using a good keyboard, you should be able to type by muscle memory, without having to look at the keys. As it can be seen from the image, this mechanical “keyboard” called Qwerkywriter S, is inspired by the original typewriter. The Logitech Craft Advanced is an expensive wireless keyboard that has some really cool features. The K780 is very similar to the K380—it has round keys, it can pair with and switch between up to three devices via Bluetooth, it promises an estimated two years of battery life from two AAA batteries, it supports Logitech Flow, and it comes with a one-year warranty—but it adds a number pad, a built-in stand for smartphones and tablets, and a Unifying USB wireless dongle for computers without Bluetooth. Learn more. The Keys was easy to pair, it has backlighting (a nice touch! The curved body of the Zagg Universal Keyboard Case takes up more valuable bag space than a flat keyboard, and it has tiny, cramped keys. This version of the K380 has a macOS-specific layout with a Cmd key, so the Fn and Ctrl keys are where Mac users expect. As mentioned the keyboard is illuminated and uses smart illumination. This process gave us a feel for the comfort, portability, key placement, and build quality of the keyboards that we considered in our final evaluations. Mac users will be glad to hear that the keyboard has a unique Mac layout with all the necessary Mac function keys. The round keys are springy and satisfying to type on. Plus, the keys are responsive, the keypad is light enough to take with you, and one handy mode lets you use the number keys as directional arrows and as Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End. Unfortunately, most keyboards are larger than laptop cases, so that’s not always a convenient way to carry them. MuchNeeded is a digital publication. The Best Bluetooth Keyboards While there are Bluetooth keyboards available for $20 or $30, if you want a great keyboard, be prepared to spend $50 or more. In addition, the keyboard has a color-changing backlit and you can choose from red, blue, or green at two different brightness levels. He retested our top picks against the strongest competition in 2017. It has an operating range of up to 10 meters (33 feet). The battery is rechargeable and it lasts up to 2 weeks depending on your usage. The K780 also supports Logitech’s Flow software. You also get a 24-month warranty. It’s the best Bluetooth keyboard I’ve owned, while still not rising to the level of being worth what it costs.”. The K780 isn’t quite a full-size keyboard. Unlike the other keyboards in this article, the K600 was specially made to be used with TVs, or smart TVs to be more precise. In any case, we hope you liked the article, and if you did feel free to share, and if you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. It also supports Logitech’s Flow software, which, when used with a compatible Logitech mouse, lets you hop between multiple computers on the same network as you move your mouse from screen to screen. The Logitech K380 and K380 for Mac remain our top picks, and we continue to recommend the Logitech K780 if you need a cheaper full-size keyboard. The Logitech K380 is comfortable and responsive enough for most people’s typing needs. It’s practically compatible with all devices (Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, or any Bluetooth-enabled computers or mobile devices that support external keyboards). When used with a compatible Logitech mouse, Flow lets you hop between multiple computers on the same network (you can even copy and paste or drag and drop files from one machine to another) as you move your mouse from screen to screen. Each key is slightly concave—except for the keys in the top and bottom rows, which are convex—so they’re more comfortable than flat slabs. Satechi seems to offer the best options when it comes to Bluetooth number pads, and this particular number pad is still the best bet when you consider its value. Touching the dial will instantly access a menu of functions, and from there you can choose or change a function depending on what you are using. The full update will publish in the coming weeks. But there are a lot of different things to consider before you buy a Bluetooth keyboard. For example, some keyboards have dedicated keys to control your media player, camera, calculator apps, and so on. Satechi’s Bluetooth Wireless Numeric Keypad is inexpensive, responsive, and equipped with navigation-key functions. That is the integrated precision touchpad that helps you navigate smart TV grid layouts, by controlling the cursor and the d-pad. All products and services mentioned on are chosen by our editorial staff. The keys are a bit tightly put together so that might be a problem for some, but they are quite comfortable and quiet when typing. The degree to which the keys are raised, however, plays a major role in how quickly and comfortably you can type. However, this model is usually more expensive than our pick, and it lacks the extra arrow-key functionality. He carries things every day. In that time they’ve tested hundreds of laptops and thousands of peripherals, and built way too many mechanical keyboards for their personal collection. At its current price of around $30, it’s not too expensive (many good Bluetooth number pads cost $50 and up). Unlike the Logitech K380, it can’t switch between multiple Bluetooth-connected devices. When you look at this keyboard the first thing to notice is the “black circle” on the right side. The tablet cradle is 0.4 inches thick and 10 inches wide, big enough to hold most tablets and smartphones. Wireless and Bluetooth keyboards can help you declutter your desk, type more comfortably on your phone or tablet, or use a computer or TV streaming box while remaining comfortably perched on your couch. One of the most affordable keyboards you can find, the Arteck Ultra-Slim is a very good choice if you don’t need anything fancy and just want to spend as little as possible. Kimber Streams used the K380 for work nearly every day (when they weren't testing other keyboards and laptops) for about a year and a half, typing hundreds of thousands of words on it and traveling with it a few times a month. We recommend the Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Numeric Keypad. You can pair the Logitech K380 or its macOS sibling with up to three devices and switch between them with a press of a button; we’re still waiting for most Bluetooth keyboards to catch up to this useful, years-old design. We hope that Logitech replaces them with something similarly great, but for now, we bid them adieu. Compared to the previously reviewed keyboards, this one is larger but it does have a numpad. Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, smart TVs, and streaming boxes all use Bluetooth, and the best Bluetooth keyboards can switch easily between multiple devices without requiring you to re-pair them. The keys are thick for easier typing and the weight of the keyboard is less than two pounds. As a result, the K780, at 14.9 by 6.2 by 0.9 inches, takes up less room on a desk than most full-size keyboards and is more ergonomically friendly, but the design also means the arrow keys are small and harder to press than full-size keys. One of the K380’s best features is that it pairs with up to three devices and can switch to any of those instantly with the push of a button. The wireless range is around 10 meters (33 feet).