There are some trees that give very little and small fruits, some trees are also those that give fruit and the fruits die immediately. Grafting knife with bark lifter . The grafting knife and budding knives have different profile shapes typically grafting knives have a sheep-foot blade while a budding knife has a clip point (curved) blade. Key specs – Blade size: 6.5cm; Made from: Carbon steel, walnut and brass; Weight: 71g. RRP: £21.99 . Knives. Victorinox and Felco options available. This knife is from Victorinox, the inventors of the Swiss Army Knife, so of course it folds up nicely and goes easily in a pocket. Here is a link to my favorite grafting knife: Grafting Knife With Bark Lifter. Grafting and Budding Knife This knife has a straight, stainless steel blade with a bark lifter for ease of budding. The sheep-foot blade has a flat straight cutting edge while the clip point has a curved tip used for making bark cuts in the rootstock. So I ordered a bunch of pear and apple scionwood, and 100 rootstocks. Best: Grafting knife. Here's how to make sure you're choosing the right grafting knife, the first time! The bark lifter tool on this knife works very well. Before you buy your first grafting knife, it's important to ask yourself 2 questions. You may have seen many trees in the garden that do not give fruit. Victorinox Budding Knife with Solid Brass Bark Opener £ 17.99 . Learn Graft fruit plants and trees, How to Grafting and budding your trees, Best trees for Grafting plants, grafting techniques and more about grafting. Victorinox Floral Knife - Green £ 14.99 ... Add to Basket . With this tool I am able to cleanly peel back citrus bark. RRP: £14.99 . Graft fruit plants and trees. Choose a professional quality knife - available in a range of colours. Felco General Purpose Grafting Knife £ 13.95 . Out of Stock. They are available in either left- or right-handed models. Add to Basket . Early this spring, as I was dreaming of gardens and orchards, I decided that this would be the year of learning how to graft fruit trees. Grafting and budding knives are designed specifically for these purposes and should not be used for carving and whittling wood. The blade is beveled on only one side, unlike conventional knives, which have blades that bevel on both sides down to the cutting edge.