From Glen Ample that is picked from late June to autumn fruiting raspberries which can be picked through until the first frosts. There are two species of American black-fruited raspberries we have on offer. Gurney's carries red, black and golden yellow raspberry plants that are suitable for a variety of grow zones. Raspberry plants in pots. We assume it grows in the same manner as a Blackberry. Raspberry bushes in containers GROWING RASPBERRIES IN POTS & CONTAINERS. We are a large-scale commercial grower with over sixty-five years experience as growers and propagators, supplying all areas of the soft fruit industry. Direct from the grower with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Jewel (Black Raspberry) Notable for it’s heavy fall crop and dark, shiny fruit, Crimson Night is medium-large, conical and has excellent flavor. Where your information shows size we are assuming the top one is just one plant as the other two show 3 and 6 respectively. R W Walpole Ltd is a long established horticultural business propagating a wide variety of soft fruit plants. We want to replace a poor Blackberry and the frame we have is just suitable for one plant. Buy raspberry plants from the wide range we have on sale for delivery from our plant nursery to anywhere in the UK. Avoid planting the young canes too deeply, a covering of 3” (7.5 cms) over the roots is ample. Our black-fruited raspberries , are sometimes known as blackcap in the US where they come from. Imagine all the goodness from just a few bushes! Buy Scottish Bare Root Raspberry Canes with UK Wide Delivery from November to April annually Plant the canes about 18” (45 cm) apart with 6 ft (1.8 m) between the rows. When grown outdoors without the protection of a commercial high tunnel, Crimson Night is compact and the dark purple canes make a particularly attractive ornamental. Though we only have a small selection of Raspberry varieties available they cover a long fruiting period. Home »; Raspberry bushes in containers. Tasty raspberries are a must-have for the home garden. Cut the canes down to 2” (5 cms) above the soil immediately after planting (bare root canes only, Do not cut down the 1 litre potted canes). Plant raspberries 45cm (18″) apart in a clean sunny sheltered site ideally with the row running north to south. They are easy to plant and care for, and will reward you with good quality, juicy, sweet fresh fruit throughout the summer and onward. Raspberry black jewel (Enid Burton) Is there just one plant in a pot. I get asked about planting raspberries in pots a lot and most if not all soft fruits will do well as container grown specimens as … First, the Rubus leucodermis , with handsome bluish white stems and big prickles, will get to be about 1.5 m high with arching fairly slender stems, fruit a bit on the bloomy side and born throughout the summer.