There is no separate form for this step; rather, the student must answer and affirm their understanding through the questions asked on the application. The 2020 undergraduate tuition & fees of California Institute of Technology (Caltech) are $54,600 for their students and the 2020 graduate school tuition & fees are $54,537. Unless otherwise noted, all site content © 2020 California Institute of Technology. For more information about the Early Action and Regular Decision admission plans and their deadlines, please visit our Application Deadlines page. 2 All entering undergraduate students are charged a one-time, $500 Orientation Fee in addition to the mandatory fees applicable to all undergraduate students. An international citizen who applies for aid and is offered financial assistance for the first year will be eligible to reapply for financial aid in subsequent years. These include, but are not limited to: Please note that we do not automatically grant credit for AP, IB, A Level, Pre-U, or college courses taken prior to enrollment. Financial aid recipients who enroll in the Caltech Student Health Insurance Plan may request that the expense be added to their estimated cost of attendance by completing the Financial Aid Request for Caltech Student Health Insurance Plan form. If you wish to apply for financial aid, you must apply under Regular Decision. Each student accepted to Caltech will take a math and physics placement exam prior to enrolling. The 2019-20 cost of attendance for undergraduate students can be found here. The chart below lists the estimated nine-month, full-time cost of attendance budget that is generally applicable to Caltech undergraduate students enrolled in the 2020-21 school year. She helped launch the inaugural season for women's soccer at Caltech in 2017 and says the sport and the team teach lessons that help her in the classroom and on the field. Nayla Abney. Caltech is need-sensitive in its admission process for international citizens. Carnegie Mellon doesn't offer financial aid to international students. $2,094 was the cost of fees.Find out more about the net price.. Alas, this college doesn't provide any reductions to residents of the state. With the exception of the Orientation Fee, all direct charges, i.e., tuition, fees, housing and board, are divided evenly between the fall, winter and spring terms. International students at PCC pay the same tuition and fees that an out of state U.S. student pays. You are not required to attend Caltech if you are accepted during the Early Action round. Early Action is non-binding and non-restrictive. For international citizens (non-U.S. citizens and non-U.S. permanent residents), the application will prompt you through a specific set of questions pertaining to Caltech being need-sensitive in the review of your application. If you are an international citizen who plans to apply for financial aid, you must apply through Regular Decision. 2020-2021 Undergraduate Tuition and Fees 4 A Travel Allowance to (partially) offset the cost of two roundtrips from a student's primary residence may be added to this estimated cost of attendance for U.S. Citizens or eligible non-citizens who reside in the US, associated US territories, Canada, or Mexico. Students are not required to purchase health insurance through Caltech provided they have coverage through a comparable plan. An international citizen who does not receive assistance for their first year at Caltech is not eligible for aid for any other academic period during their undergraduate career. Financial aid is not offered to international citizens who apply under Early Action. Caltech does not offer merit-based scholarships or financial aid. 59 students (6.22% of the enrolled undergraduate students) have received grant or … With the exception of the Orientation Fee, all direct charges, i.e., tuition, fees, housing and board, are divided evenly between the fall, winter and spring terms.