Purchasing decants is by far the best way to try out the actual, original fragrance for a much cheaper price. Ever since its release, Creed Green Irish Tweed has become one of the most popular Creed fragrances. A fantastic way to get your hands on a bottle of the original fragrance is to purchase a decant. It is a classic, green fragrance that works great in hot weather and during formal occasions. But, this might be one of the closest. However, there are many similarities. The middle notes are violet leaves. This fragrance opens with a fresh, slightly aquatic, and minty scent. An amazing Creed Green Irish Tweed clone that’s cheaper than Armaf Tres Nuit , but it’s identical in terms of smell and performance. Notes: The top notes of Armaf Tres Nuit are lemon, verbena, and iris. Longevity almost 11hrs on my skin! I have smelled this fragrance, and I agree with you… A decant is a smaller bottle that is filled up with a certain fragrance. Do you think the ones do you have, have the same longevity and sillage like armafs? Support this channel by purchasing this Amazing Cheap Perfume from this affiliate link: https://www.takeit2day.com/estiara-stag-black-perfume-for-men-100-ml-edt.html?tracking=590edc7e97d1e. Hi, my name is Jasper and I've been a long time fragrance fan. https://www.takeit2day.com/estiara-stag-black-perfume-for-men-100-ml-edt.html?tracking=590edc7e97d1e, ===Support this channel directly through PayPal=== https://www.paypal.me/ifishares, Find me on social media: GREAT CHEAP COLOGNE! I'm excited to share my experiences! In this case, a decant seller would fill up a 5ml, 10ml, or any other small bottle with Creed Green Irish Tweed. These smaller bottles would then be sold for a low price. ARMAF TRES NUIT. Why it is so similar: Bond No.9 Chez Bond isn’t necessarily a clone of Creed Green Irish Tweed, but more of an alternative. You can check out the current price over here on Amazon! Check out Estiara Stag Black by Sterling Parfums. Both of these fragrances are fantastic and they can both replace each other. Performance on Stag Black is amazing! Good take on this. The top notes of Creed Green Irish Tweed are lemon, verbena, and peppermint. This clone or the armaf clone? This then dries down to become a more green smelling fragrance. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. This then dries down to a more woody, forest-like scent. However, there is also some depth and warmth to this fragrance. In the opening, you get a nice, green scent with a touch of violet. Therefore, many people instead go for a clone. The inspiration behind Creed Green Irish Tweed is the success of confident men who are at their peak. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic alternative for Creed Green Irish Tweed. I live in Canada. This formula is now available only as a one-off purchase. The opening of this fragrance is very fresh and citrusy. This site is owned and operated by Fragrance Today, a sole proprietor headquartered in The Hague, the Netherlands. Available in an array of sizes. A clone will never be 100% the same as the fragrance it tries to clone. Overall, this fragrance has an extremely clean, green, and fresh scent. I am more interested in Estiara. If you previously had access via Patreon, feel free to email me and I will supply you with a copy for free. It quickly gets accompanied by the green scent, as well as some woody aspects. Over the years, I've had my nose on countless different fragrances and I'd like to share my experiences. This then dries down to a more green scent with a note of tea. Rasasi Egra Men is actually almost the exact same as Creed Green Irish Tweed. The middle notes are leafy greens, herbal tea, and violet leaves. The opening is almost the exact same, and so is the dry down. Ever since I got my first fragrance in 2014, I just can't get enough of them. However, Davidoff Cool Water isn’t as green smelling as Creed Green Irish Tweed. You are the guru of cheap cologne. They both contain some floral and woody notes. Overall, you get a clean, green, and fresh fragrance with a luxurious scent. Scent: Bond No.9 Chez Bond is a great fragrance with a clean, green, and almost creamy scent. And your soft voice makes me shiver in my pink underwear. You can only choose one. Green Irish Tweed by Creed | Fragrance Review, Fragrance Review - Creed Green Irish Tweed, GREEN IRISH TWEED by CREED FRAGRANCE REVIEW | CascadeScents, Green Irish Tweed by Creed | Mens Fragrance Review | 2017, Green Irish Tweed by Creed Fragrance Review (1985) | Retro Series. The opening of this fragrance is very fresh and green. Shop Creed perfume, fragrance & cologne online from our official online store. Why it is so similar: Armaf Tres Nuit is one of the best-known Creed Green Irish Tweed clones. Get yours today! This then dries down to become a more green smelling fragrance. Green Irish Tweed is one of the most brilliantly constructed green fougere type fragrances ever created. Hope to see more videos from you, and show to others that money doesn’t necessary dictate quality! https://twitter.com/ifishares Scent: Davidoff Cool Water is one of the better-known clones of Creed Green Irish Tweed. If you’re interested, you can check out this fragrance over here on Amazon! This fragrance opens with a fresh, slightly aquatic, and minty scent. Fragrance Today also participates in affiliate programs with Bluehost, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. This fragrance has a really fresh, but mostly green smelling scent. Notes: The top notes of Rasasi Egra Men are juniper berries, spruce, grapefruit, and violet leaves. However, it still is a clone, so it isn’t the exact same. This fragrance smells almost like a nice forest. THANK YOU! However, a clone is not a replacement. If you had a gun to the head. CREED Green Irish Tweed - Luxury Fragrance Review !!! This is where clones come in. You also get the scent of spruce as well. Many companies try to recreate a certain scent of a popular and expensive fragrance.