It is a way out of the routine life of orderliness. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Adventure Tourism 1613 Words | 7 Pages. Entrepreneurship: Adventure sports are a nascent industry compared to regular tourism; nevertheless it is already having a positive impact on the economy. There are many advantages and disadvantages of tourism.1 advantage is that The tourism industry can create many different jobs. There are so many environmental damages when tourist allowed to explore it. The Moral Dangers of Adventure Tourism. RE: Advantages and Disadvantages of Adventure Sports -Deepa Kaushik (11/18/15) Adventure sports are good when remembered as a lifetime experience. Ancient buildings, temples and moved monuments affected by traffic and wear- tear inevitably. It is a specific form of tourism which allows people to step out of their usual safe zone. Tourism provides workers with 1 out of 12 jobs for every worker. The choices of the tourists can help to preserve nature and wildlife, and on the contrary, it can put the animals into suffering and extinction. Risks in Adventure Tourism Leach (2008) acknowledges that adventure tourism is the only type of tourism where the people involved are prone to an array of risks. Disadvantages of tourism. Since it is a niche, it requires specialized services and as a result, several entrepreneurs have started to cash in on the interest being shown in adventure tourism, and this, in turn, has helped to create several jobs. Adventure tourism is defined as the movement of the people from one to another place outside their comfort zone for exploration or travel to remote areas, exotic and possibly hostile areas. A relaxed and whole-hearted attempt to open-up our pores with the nature would be definitely joyous. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 main negative effects of tourism. The best read this morning is this amazing piece by Rolf Potts titled "Death of an Adventure Traveler" (via Arts and Letters Daily). Ideally, adventure tourism is characterized by contact with wild nature without using any conventional technologies that can help in preventing any possible precedents. Disadvantages of adventure tourism Besides the positive impacts of adventure tourism it also has negative impacts on both the community and the environment. Choose two disadvantages and explain how they may become advantages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism in the Bahamas. Even if they act responsibly but some of them may damage the environment. Tourism has the power to uplift communities from poverty, but at the same time, it can destroy their identity. Introduction Adventure Tourism, an emerging market focuses on outdoor activities which bring excitements to clients (Buckley, 2006). Adventure tourism is a type of tourism in which tourist do some adventures activities … list and explain three advantages and disadvantages of tourism in the bahamas.