It does not have the option to select iPad/iPhone or iPad/iPhone cable. I therefore cannot mirror screen my ipad. Whenever i try streaming an application on discord through screen share, my friends are not able to hear any audio or sound from it. As it is a common problem, therefore, you need to know about several things that might make you complain discord screen share audio not working. If anybody knows what's going on, please share. Question: Q: Discord screen share audio not working on Mac. If you haven’t already done so, follow the instructions below: 1) Run Discord and the program you want to share. Go back to GarageBand's input preferences, and change the output device to iShowU Audio Capture, and then re-set the input device to "built-in microphone". Discord is a freeware VoIP application that serves as a group chat platform for gamers while playing the game the gamer can log in to Discord App and communicate in real-time with gamers across the globe. I've also not had a problem until today. I've restarted my mac and my discord too. When Screen Sharing was part of Messages (and before that iChat) then the Audio alongside the Screen Share made it clear that the app was using a VNC connections fro sharing the Desktop but using an Audio Only chat at the same time. The Discord share screen no audio issue can result due to a number of different reasons. If the above-mentioned smart and time-saving hacks did not work for you, then the problem with your Discord screen share audio is probably more deep seated and requires technical expertise to handle. For my [email protected] account – Screen share on zoom will only offer whiteboard or desktop as application options on my MacBook Air. When you want to share audio, go into Discord's Voice and Video settings. If there’s still no audio when you’re sharing your screen, try the next fix. Discord Screen Share No Audio Issue Fixes. To share your screen properly, make sure the program you want to stream is added to Discord. Fix 7: Add the program you want to share to Discord. Most of the time, gamers complain about discord screen share no audio, especially, when they stream games on Windows 7, 8, and 10. Following are some reasons that can cause this error: The Screen Sharing App now has the Audio included but if you have another app already using it you will get no Audio. The exact same thing is happening to me, I'm on my Macbook Air and whenever I call, my screen share gives the same message. However, im not sure as ive never tried any of these solutions. Since the configuration of every PC is different from the other, the cause of the problem may also vary. Unplug and replug your audio/mic or USB to see if the Discord screen share no audio issue disappeared or not. You can also adjust the volume of the output further on the green slider at the top of the screen. I was able to use the ipad application option for screen share for more than 2 weeks but as of Sunday 20 April the ipad options have disappeared! I have heard of 3rd party apps that allow your computer audio to be your audio input. Discord is, no doubt, powerful software that enables us to share text, audio, and video with your game partners.