Can you substitute yellow mustard for Dijon if you don’t have Dijon mine expired so I can’t use it Thank you! Use a food processor for best results. This Homemade Caesar Dressing with No Anchovies is the perfect way to enjoy the last of the season’s heirloom cherry tomatoes and romaine. That’s so great! Prepare at least 4 hours in advance for best taste. A typical caesar dressing has anchovies. about 1 1/2 small lemons or 1 large lemon. Maybe the very slow drizzle of the oil is the clue. That’s nice to know Tanya, thanks for sharing that info with us and for giving this recipe a great feedback! Thank you so much for your great feedback and recommendation. You’re so welcome Melissa! You can story it in the jar for 2 or 3 days as well. I made this dressing this weekend and loved how easy it was! Yellow mustard is fairly mild compared to Dijon, which has a has a distinct flavor. Perfect Caesar! And then there’s the fact that if mustard gas was made from a plant in the mustard family you also wouldn’t be able to eat turnips, cabbage, watercress, horseradish, and radishes. Oh, and mustard! I will have to try it for my next salad. Can’t wait to let you know how it turned out. It is a personal preference. I’m glad to hear how much you both love the recipe. My dad who HATES kale and Brussels sprouts actually went back for thirds and surprised even himself. This recipe and all of the others I’ve looked at of yours look AMAZING! That is awesome! Have been using this dressing for a few years now and it always gets rave reviews. Thank you Stella and welcome to the site :). I also added some red wine vinegar and some Worcestershire sauce. This is quite simply the best Caesar dressing I've ever made at home, and I've tried lots! I used all of the ingredients above but put everything together before I blended it in. Is. It sounds like you have a new favorite! Mustard gas is made from chlorine, sulfur and ethelyne. Mine did not thicken and the taste was a little strong. A splash of Worcestershire sauce brings a bit of anchovy without having to deal with them … and no fishy taste. Easy and turned out great! (I was out of mayo). And it’s delicious! That’s just awesome! The 1.5 cups is perfect. But if I was to add anchovy paste, how much would you recommend? It calls for just 7 simple ingredients, and you don’t need to haul out the food processor or blender to mix it up. I made this last night during a strong Caesar salad craving. Very nice recipe. Love this! I’ve kept it refrigerated for up to a week.There isn’t anything too perishable in it so possibly longer but I haven’t tested it longer than that. It sounds so good and looks perfect. What am i doing wrong? I made this with a food processor and it came out runny…. I’ve just updated this recipe today (actually about to put in new pictures and I reduced the oil quite a bit. I haven’t tried this with regular mustard so I can’t say. Wash and drain the lettuce, then pat it dry with paper towels to absorb any moisture. I’ll try to but it online perhaps. Hi Douglas, I’ve had that happen before and it was because I tried it with extra virgin (this is why I specified not to use extra virgin in the recipe), also I added the oil too quickly rather than slowly adding it to the food processor – and that is the biggest reason. Highly recommend. Doesn’t it smell amazing too? I updated the recipe to emphasize that the oil must be added very slowly. Thanks for the tip Will . But, it turns out to be much lighter and still delicious without mayo or egg yolks! Wow, it sure sounds simple enough to make and very delicious. My new go-to dressing! If I were to make it again I would add 1/4 cup to see if that helps make it less runny and probably 3 tbs mayo. I'll use this dressing again, only I will take the submitter's suggestions and make it ahead of time for the best flavor. Why did mine not end up creamy? Always perfect! The kids loved it. Thank you for that great tip! Just start at the bottom and slowly bring the wand up while stirring a bit as you go. I made it in a food processor so it didn’t turn out watery, but it was still not as creamy as store bought dressing. Serve immediately or chill first. Process until smooth and well blended. New and improved . I made the recipe and added two small additions. I used a stick blender and it turned out good. Light and fresh. I’ve made this dressing twice now, and here’s the hot tip…. Let me know what you ended up trying. Did you use avocado oil in this recipe? So glad I did - it was very tasty. Like aioli! I was prepared to drink it out of the jar and will be making double batches soon! do you know how long this would be good for after you made it if kept in an airtight container? They liked dressing so that’s a start and my husband gave it a thumbs up. Hi Kenneth! Natasha, this dressing is sooo good! I followed the recipe exactly except that I used extra virgin olive oil. I know the Vitamix is a very powerful machine and in my experience, the longer I mixed it in my food processor, the thicker it became. Everything. Hi June, I would not recommend extra virgin – I have tested it with extra virgin and had a difficult time with emulsifying my dressing and it adds a different flavor that I didn’t think was as good. This tastes better than authentic. Olga, you can use it if you have powerful enough blender to cut air in to it for the dressing to thicken. I’m so glad you found a favorite, Jenny! A blender might be ok for a smaller batch but I’m not sure if it will bring this recipe to the proper thickness. My homemade Caesar salad dressing with no mayo was created out of necessity. Love your site! .3 grams sat fat Oh and the oil I used was canola/olive oil combined since I was out of olive oil. 193 calories; protein 1.2g 2% DV; carbohydrates 1.5g 1% DV; fat 20.5g 32% DV; cholesterol 7.6mg 3% DV; sodium 171.6mg 7% DV. I think a good blender will do the job too . It will mix. How can I reduce a little bit oil yet still have the same taste, but just lighter in oil? I find that it’s just fine when all the other ingredients are combined in a food processor sans the oil. 2 dashes hot pepper sauce (such as Tabasco®). I love this recipe. Thanks! It probably would taste different since the extra virgin has a distinct flavor. I use a magic bullet. Awesome recipe. This way I could drizzle the olive oil in with one hand mix with the other. I love making home made dressing for salads. I have all the ingredients, and will make this tonight for dinner! Yes extra virgin probably would have too much of the distinct olive oil flavor.