So browse above and feast your eyes on some of the best Animal Crossing merch you'll find on the web. In total, there are 400 different cards that were released across four different card series. And the game will support both local and online cooperative play as well. He looks like a stereotypical "greaser" from the 1950's. And it’s practical as you can use it to secure your keys and other belongings that you’d typically put on a ring. It’s available with logos in both green and yellow. Below is the shirt’s theme, “Every Day is a New Day”. There are neighbors both new and old to befriend. Any Animal Crossing lover in need of a new iPhone case should check out this one themed around Brewster’s. And it’s really just all-around awesome for all Animal Crossing fans. The cutesy social simulation title is beloved by gamers of all types. It’s comprised of a machine-washable lightweight fine jersey fabric. Nintendo might say that one of the goals of Animal Crossing is to be social with all the jubilant neighbors that run around your town. The dock is a light beige with pastel blue waters and the bottom. And the lightweight classic fit t-shirt can be purchased in a variety of sizes for men, women, and children. And it’ll keep your head and ears warm while you set your Switch down and head out in the real world. There are sizes for men, women, and children. I'm interested in Eugene, but not enough to give up on a day of … Say you’ll never ever leave from beside me.” And now Animal Crossing fans can ask the same of the game’s own famous musician with this absolutely amazing K.K. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, players took on the role of Mayor for the first time in the franchise and finally ran the town themselves. The tee is available in sizes for men, women, and children. The paperback guide is loaded with over 430 pages of strategy to help ensure that your deserted island experience is the best it can be. It features a slew of your favorite Animal Crossing neighbors throughout its design so that you’ll always have a virtual friend with you as you go about your town. It takes the franchise’s leaf logo and uses it as the basis for a gorgeous green pendant. And below rests the hoodie and game series’ unofficial mantra: “Every Day is a New Day”. Mr. Resetti can now terrorize you in the real world thanks to this Mr. Resetti Plush from Little Buddy. It features Mr. Resetti in his natural rage form. So order a few, cross your fingers, and hope you get lucky. The shirt can be purchased in white, baby blue, silver, olive, and Heather grey. Slider, and Cyrus. And the tee is designed to be lightweight with a classic fit. Just be sure to properly pair him with Reese though! But best of all? - Nintendo Switch. The Animal Crossing Cat Characters Micro Fleece Blanket is 80-inches by 60-inches of adorable cat characters from the game series. In it, you'll arrive on a deserted island after buying a vacation package from Tom Nook. Ah, Tom Nook. The white beanie is comprised of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic material. That’s exactly what this shirt design imbues, making those that wear it mascots of the series themselves. But in reality, many just prefer to utilize the game as a way to blow off the real world and keep themselves occupied at home alone. And plenty, plenty more. This Important Mayor Stuff T-Shirt takes the spirit of that role and incorporates it as some cool Animal Crossing merch. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch Edition, Animal Crossing Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler, Animal Crossing Four Seasons Black Wood Framed Poster, Animal Crossing Characters Micro Fleece Blanket, Animal Crossing Cat Characters Micro Fleece Blanket, Animal Crossing Home Sweet Home Vinyl Wall Clock, Animal Crossing Glow in the Dark Pendant Necklace, Animal Crossing: New Horizons iPhone Case, Animal Crossing Important Mayor Stuff Hoodie, Animal Crossing Icon Grid Portraits T-Shirt, Backpack Buddies Blind Bag Mini Toy Figures, 101 Best Gift Ideas For Gamers: The Ultimate List, Best Video Game Chairs: Your Buyer’s Guide.