Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. danphan. Washington's army stay during the winter of 1777-1778, about 4th of troops died here from disease. Log in here for access. eduardo_sanchez9813. Who are the Patriots and who's side were they on? Clark marched his nearly 200 men over 200 miles to get into position. Test. Frontiersman who led the seizing of three British forts in 1777, British gave north region of Ohio River to Americans. Molly Pitcher was the nickname given to a women who served in the Revolutionary War. All rights reserved. Loyalists/Tories. In many ways, George Rogers Clark was a tragic figure. Definition. You can test out of the pattmerlman. She also helped convince women to join the Patriot side, why: when John became President, she mainly saw herself as a leader in the Federalist party and strived to help her husband and his cause. first two years of college and save thousands off your degree. Though he demanded a formal inquiry to exonerate himself, he was denied a formal hearing. APUSH ch.7 terms. Select a subject to preview related courses: 'I have given the United States half the territory they possess, and for them to suffer me to remain in poverty, in consequence of it, will not redound much to their honor hereafter.'. flashcard set, {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | Clark suspected correctly that the British recruited Indians to fight against the American colonists. Who: George Washington and the US continential army, What: Military camp in southern Pennsylvania, Why: Place that the army faced most challenges, Who: Thomas Paine George Washington Richard Henry lee, What: People who supported America being an independent abd self sufficient country, When:Period before the revolutionary war and during, Why: it's important because they where a group of people who made the revolutionary war successful, What: purchase of Louisiana and other western and southern areas from France, why: Napoleon offered it too him for such a bargain that he could not resist, What was the main argument of the Gibbons versus Ogden court ruling, Who: George Washington and patriotic Americans, What: fought against the British for independance, Where: On the east coast of the United States, Why: The people who fought and lost their lives for our countries independance, Who: American delegates and the French delegates, What: French refuse to speak with the Americans without bribes. He was Vice President before serving as the 2nd President in United States history. Match. Log in or sign up to add this lesson to a Custom Course. The British tried to contain American colonists from migrating into the Ohio Valley to avoid conflict with Indians tribes. His family moved to a small homestead in Caroline County, Virginia where he grew up. APUSH Ch 8. Clark once became the subject of vicious and unsubstantiated rumors that he was accused of incompetence and drunkenness while commanding troops. led Virginians frontier fighters against the British in the Ohio Valley, captured Kashashia and Cohokia-British forts, platted surprise winter attack on British forts at Vincennes-further west ... APUSH Chapter 7 29 Terms. Her letters and opinions mattered greatly and she had an impact upon women everywhere, why: they believed the British gov't was superior, what: the American troops during the revolution, why: they believed that America should be free and fought for it, Who- An army of men made up of members of the colonists, lead by General George Washington, What- An army made to fight in the Revolutionay War against Britian, Where- They fought in various locations around the country, Why- To defend the country from the British Army, Who- George Washington and his Continetal Army, Why- Although there was no real battle here, after the troops endured deadly conditions all winter long, they emmerged from the winter a new army, ready to take on the British, Who- the colonists who rebeled against Britain, What- A group of colonists who were against British control, Why- They were upset with the British ruling in the colonies and thought rebelling would gain America its indpendence, who- Wife of John Adams and mother of John Quincy Adams, Why- She advised her husband while he was in office, Who- Political Writer at the time of the American Revolution, What- Wrote propaganda about topics like war, Why- At this time politcal writing like the kind she did was thought to only be for men, but she did it anyway, Who- the group of colonists who opposed the patriots, What- the colonists who remained loyal to Britain, Why- they remained loyal to the crown because they thought it would be beneficial, Who- General during the American Revolution, What- An early war hero, but became a nutorious traitor after switching to the British side, Why- Although he began the war fihhting for the American cause, he became a traitor and switched to the British, Eli Whiney during the Industrial revolution, three consecutive president from Virginia, create, study and share online flash cards, To fight against the British and win independence, Valley Forge was the military camp in southeastern Pennsylvania, approximately 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia, where the American Continental Army spent the winter of 1777 to 1778 during the American Revolutionary War, A statement of foreign policy which proclaimed that Europe should not interfere in affairs within the United States or in the development of other countries in the Western Hemisphere. courses that prepare you to earn Warfare intensified in the Ohio Valley when the American Revolution broke out. His rural roots shaped his skills as a woodsman and land surveyor. Spell. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal