Our gourmet burgers, hot dogs and ground meats are guaranteed to step up your grilling. Vienna is from Chicago and is used by over 80% of hot dog vendors there. The reason that Shake Shack uses Vienna Beef rather than Sabrett (which originated in New Jersey, not New York) or Nathan's, is that they are trying to reproduce a Chicago style hot dog. With franks made from Buffalo and Venison, and burgers and ground meat from pretty much any prime beef and game in the animal kingdom (including Wagyu beef, elk and ostrich), your cooking is consistently delicious, but never predictable. Billy's Gourmet Dogs is open or Pickup or Delivery! 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM 99% of 136 customers recommended. Kirsch's Gourmet 1/2 Size Sliders are made with Beef Tenderloin & Pork Shoulder. Your Venison … (Seriously, put down the burger. We loved hot dogs as kids, and we can love them just as much as adults. Use code "SPOOKY" at checkout! All beef, turkey, spicy link, or vegetarian soy link. Kirsch's Gourmet Slider Dogs. Now thru the end of Halloween, take 20% off your order of our gourmet steak hot dogs! Check Availability. Read more Savage Secrets: Why You Should Butterfly Your Hot Dogs October 15, 2020 There's nothing quite like a hot dog that is just a tad overcooked. Gourmet Hot Dogs A Bratwurst Special. )These dogs have gone through a total makeover, and we're losing our collective minds over them. The hot dogs of our youth usually came boiled or grilled: method one turned them bland and rubbery, number two usually rendered them unevenly cooked and burnt. Expand Menu Menu Icon Legend. The crispiness usually brought by the onions is replaced here by the bacon strips. Angry Spicy pork bulgogi, Asian slaw, jalapeño, & fiery aioli. Gourmet sausages and uncured hot dogs, buy artisanal gourmet and breakfast sausages, uncured hot dogs, and game sausages online. GOURMET HOT DOGS. Kirsch's Gourmet Hot Dogs available in: 10 lb Box - Online Ordering Available 40 lb Box - Call for Quote. Whether your greatest obsession is over breakfast sandwiches or brimming tacos, we promise you there's a gourmet frank to match it.See for yourself with these 13 crave-worthy hot dog transformations! The cooked onion becomes sweeter and is balanced out by the tangy Sauerkraut taste. Venison Ground Meat. The Shake Shack does not make a good Chicago style hot dog in my opinion. Billy’s is rated on Trip Advisor and Yelp as the top spot for VIENNA BEEF, SPECIALTY SAUSAGES, FANTASTIC SANDWICHES AND BURGERS and best homemade local ice cream. While still including the delicious tastes of sausage, onion, toppings and pickled veggie, we played with the textures. Kirsch's Gourmet Hot Dogs are made with Beef Tenderloin & Pork Shoulder. This recipe is a fancier take-on of a classic hot dog. Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs makes the very best hot dogs in Denver Colorado, Period! from New Zealand by Broadleaf. 2291 S Fort Apache Rd #102 Las Vegas, NV 89117 (702) 570-7560. ORDER ONLINE HERE. Start your carryout or delivery order. Buldogis Gourmet Hot Dogs Online Ordering Menu.