If you enjoyed this post, please share your thoughts in the comments or share the post with your friends by clicking on the social media buttons below. is there anything particular in the shallots that can do the trick?? Instead of waiting around for my mother-in-law to cook it, I decided that I should learn to cook it myself so that I can satisfy my own craving when it strikes. Yumm, I had that for confinement once every few days.. Make sure you rinse the insides of the bok choy as dirt and sands might be trapped inside. TIP: Cook double the portion and keep one portion for the next day. It weighs 20.8 ounces. If not available, can use 腿肉, but won't be as tender and succulent), tau pok (again, amt depends on personal preference) - I like to use the long ones, but this is again my preference, 4 tablespoons brown sugar (use less sugar if your dark soy sauce is on the sweeter side). It is possible to get already cleaned ones from the butcher at my market. This is seriously perfect timing for me! Method Mince fish. LOL. Commonly found in Schools, Hospitals, Soccer Fields, Void Decks, Toilets & A premier junior college in the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio area. When wanna eat baru cut the intestine as it will shrink when it's being cooked. Thank you for visiting my blog. ½ packet bean curd pockets (tau foo pok), cut into halves 2 potatoes – peel and quarter 2 - 2 1/2 cups of coconut milk 2 tbsp curry power, mixed with 3 tbsp water 1 chicken stock cube or vegetable cube Salt and sugar to taste Free online calorie counter and diet plan. Coz just wanna "clean" the smelly stuffs mah. doesnt know how to clean those, Mama Kucing, y u no tell me u cooking BKT, wink wink, now sulking in a corner sobbing cos no BKT to eat, sobssssss. So nice! I'm Angie and I'm thrilled to have you here! 6 clove Garlic. If other stuff what leh. What is there that Mamarazzi doesn't cook or bake on earth? Cut into diagonals.) 5 small fried beancurd (tau fu pok), halved. My sons love to drink stomach soup with fish balls.. that is a yearly affair soup done by my SIL... betul betul betull...Mamarazzi didnt know. Do hop over to my Facebook page where I connect with my readers and I would love to have you following me on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram too , Your email address will not be published. 2 Tau Kwa. 2 tbsp Oil. Sorry no photo as Mamarazzi was lazy to snap photo liao after cleaning the intestine. From their Facebook, it seema that many items are on sale. Curious Corner. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If other people cook for me then, OK. hee..hee... no can!ALOHA from HonoluluComfortSpiral =^..^= <3. Usually buy those already cleaned. If you are new here, do leave your blog address so that I can come and visit also. More than just a place where I share my parenting thoughts, recipes and home-learning activities, my blog has enabled me to embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and of the world I thought I knew. 100% Plant Based: Soy-Based Product • Non-GMO • Vegetarian • Vegan • Trans Fat Free • Preservative Free • Cholesterol Free Ingredient: Vegetable Oil, Coriander, Chilli, Carrot, Black Fungus, Salt, Sugar, Vegetarian Seasoning, Tofu. Read more about me and happy browsing! Dinner at Restaurant Seri Melaka, Amcorp Mall (Rev... Mamarazzi's "Volcano" Chocolate Banana Cake. 225ml Water. I love to eat BKT but not the intestines as it has so high cholesterol and fats, Bluek.I would drink gallons of its herbal soup and just meat. Transfer to a plate. Cleaning your iPhone screen is easy, but the speaker isn’t so straightforward. In a wok, add 2 TBsp of oil and fry the tau kwa until golden. I love your comments so do drop a comment or two. 2 pieces of Tau Kwa (optional. I dunno how she did it, coz all I did was to sit at the living room watching YouTube.. As for the stomach, have to scrape it clean. Tau Pokee: The person being Tau Poked Tau Kay: The person incharge of the Tau Pok. Add salt, pepper, water and tapioca flour. Required fields are marked *. Your mom can cook anything and make it taste god! Hehe. Have a nice day! Throw the intestine into the soup and cook without cutting. I love love bkt. You can also soak the bok choy in cold water for 5 minutes before draining. 10 Tau Po, small . It has a much lower calcium content than … Taufu Pok Read More » 1/2 tsp Salt. wah, really a lot of work leh if cooking BKT with the intestines and stomach.. and i know it's super troublesome to clean them, if i were to cook, surely will omit these two things.. or perhaps just go buy those that were already cleaned lor.. Got sell meh? errr, why shallots and not other stuffs?? So this is how the intestines are washed!! Good job Mamarazzi! I think she pre-boil everything with ginger and water, then she did something else, before really boiling the soup..I really love pig stomach soup.. Eng Soon Thick Bean Pok 永顺厚黑豆卜 10 pieces/packet $ 3.00 excluding 7% GST; Meng Chuan Traditional Tofu Puff 明全传统豆卜 $ 3.00 excluding 7% GST; Tau Pok/Bean Pok (Cube) 豆粒 50 pieces $ 5.00 excluding 7% GST; Triangle Tau Pok 三角豆卜 $ 11.00 excluding 7% GST 2 Hard boil eggs. Bring to a boil and simmer for 1 hour. It had been quite sometime since I encountere... Good morning! She is so talented! In the same wok, add in the tau pok and fry for a few mins. Then the let water go through the intestine to clean it up. I love soup! Cut into diagonals.) If they are small, just clean them and set aside. errr, i don't usually eat the meat and the intestines also, but i just like the toufu pok and mushrooms.. those fat meat not for me lah, but i do like them if they are the ribs.. of course, i love to pour the soup into my bowl of rice and eat it just like that.. eh sedap wor the meat and intestine...hmmm...... Wah so hardworking.. for me, I will just use pork ribs, pork soft bones, pork belly only. Slice the limes into halves. Emily says: February 13, 2017. After that can use the small onion and fry...make fry onions topping for the rice leh, So eating this, can detox...lau sai kao-kao? Related Items: Pillaring, Wet Biscuit, Wedgie, Blanket Party Uses of Tau Pok. Pig stomach, intestines, and upon my request, I asked to add some liver and kidney inside too.. Really WOW for me..I remembered confinement aunty cleaned it using ginger.. Monique replied: February 16, 2017. ;). 12. stuff tau pok with lettuce, bean sprouts and shredded cucumber. The small onion need to tear off the outer layer before sumbat or not? Mull Your email address will not be published. Transfer the duck to a plate. In Pasar and the supermarket ones also still have to clean leh, oh, so the little shallots did the trick?? Thank you for sharing the tips from sifu Elin! those cleaned already punya sometimes not clean enough leh. hehe, but Mamarazzi love interstine and perut...no choice, You're like my mom, she doesn't like meat but the soup!!! Next, use the same braising gravy to braise the tau kwa, tau pok and hard boiled eggs for about 30 minutes.