This will allow you to be able to avoid being attacked by the boss without having to be on the ground (since flight is disabled), and have better aim. The key move that is used is Spirit Storm (the X move). Work out hard till you can do: 100 pushups, situps, squats, pullups and when you get strong enough, work on their... 3. When the boss spawns, use Universe Reset (MiC’s V move) on it, then run as far away from it as possible, as the Nine Tails Boss will start off with its slam attack, (its arms will rise up to signal the attack - this attack should be dodged because it can potentially throw you into lava). Boasting 20 damage per hit and a short cooldown, this move is optimal for fighting the Nine Tails Boss. Use soru as soon as you can to run away, as well as keep taking turns doing it until boss is dead. If done successfully, you will stay in the air for the duration of all of the attacks unleashed, (so you will stay suspended in the air for quite a long time). Anime Fighting Simulator Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. If you are expecting to fight like Goku from Dragon Ball, then that is impossible. … How To Animate A Fight Scene In Flash- Close Combat - YouTube When he spawns, use Kurama drops or eto shards to damage him while he runs towards you (or a teammate). When you reach middle health due to his energy burst and blast, run away and use Shift Shards while you heal. Spam Thunder's C move, and use blink to flee. Requirements: Wind Grimoire, high walk speed (90+ at least) + jump power (110+ at least). A fight is a confrontation in which two or more people compete for dominance and respect. This is a very simple tactic: every time after the Nine-Tailed Fox uses the Tailed Beast Bomb, jump into the air and immediately unleash every long range attack consecutively in your arsenal towards the boss. Requirements: a group of 2-4 friends, all Kurama boss powers, Meteor Shower ,Conquerors Haki, high speed(100+), King fruit and Soru, Sakura champion. AaronTheLegend6/ᏰᏝᏬᏋ ᏒᎧᏕᏋ#6450 (Discord) for the tactics and information. Stand in the middle of the field where the boss will spawn and use Tusk Act 4 or Made in Heaven and use the V move and it will do a lot of damage. Run close to the boss and spam Rapid Punch, Serious Punch, Star Spangled Smash and Vibration Wave. If you have other teammates that are also using this strategy, then use the Kurama drops and Eto shards to gradually damage the boss. Anime Fighting 2020 Simulator Codes: INCREDIBLE25 . If an anime has crazy battles and over-the-top universal threats, then it probably fits the description of "fighting anime." Be a good puncher and kicker. Rarity Requirements: Decent speed and jump, Sakura champion (not necessary, but helpful).. Comment. If you have the Sakura champion, then you will heal while you spam moves and heal faster. also use an auto clicker and let your stand spam punches. Requirements: Long range attack moves, high walk speed (80+ at least) + jump power (110+ at least), Soru. This method can work on every boss due to it being close ranged. Try jumping high in the air and snipe the boss with a Grimiore, X for Yuno's and Asta's. Strategies for defeating the Nine Tails Boss: #1. Also use the V moves for your stand and other abilities while punching. Spam Eto's "z" move while running around the map and avoiding the attacks. Every time you use Spirit Storm, jump into the air beforehand (hence the reason for high jump power). This will make moves like Gura Gura: Kaishin and Ice Blast be directed down towards the boss. (One of the most hardcore brawling fighters in anime history) If you want to achieve brawling bossiness read these tips. Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Codes For New Users Only Get this code to claim the reward of 200 yen (but only in new servers) Anime Fighting Simulator Code: ty41milvisits Whatever you do, the world is yours for the taking. 1seventy5kay: redeem this code to claim the reward Chikara shards 5. one50klikes: 6. Scale Factor(s) Rarity TwitterRewards: redeem this code 3. mighty200k: redeem this code 4. 125kthanku: 7. christmas19: 8. These are all the valid codes right now: 1. astounding225: redeem this code 2. There is a free pass and a Premium Pass, each pass having differing rewards for each tier. "The Armament Full Control Art (武装完全支配術, Busō Kanzen Shihai Jutsu) is a super high-ranking Sacred Arts ritual that is used to boost the offensive power of a Divine Object-class weapon by linking with the true essence of the weapon. If you want to take the poll, it can be taken here, 1 being the worst and the biggest number being the best. Requirements: 126 Max Speed and 175 Max Jump and Specials. Bosses are a game mechanic for Anime Fighting Simulator introduced inUpdate 8. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This is risky so when you are on low health, run away from the boss and heal. Use Shards until the boss is dead. As of Update 14, Armaments are only available in the Fighting Pass. Credits: CEOofWarmasters for page creation and editing. Since you are still able to move while using Shards (which has 15 ticks), you are nearly guaranteed to get at least one tick (one shard) in.