Russian single language degree? Text Dominique Sisley. It very much depends on what you are planning on doing with your life and how you are planning on using your degree. It’s a shit time to be a student. The benefits of learning languages in a university or a learning institutions are two fold. Going to university is officially not worth it, says study. Is that bad for our country? Is studying languages worth it in university ? Arts+Culture News. Worth anything? But it's worth remembering that there will be fewer of these jobs on offer." More great news for UK students. Best way to learn languages? What universities offer 2+ languages ab-initio? Is it worth learning a language before university As a 14 year old I have roughly 3 years left until I go to university where I will go and srudy software engineering. Which language also depends on where you will be living. Entry requirements range from BBB to AAB, with the universities and colleges most commonly asking for ABB. But the problem is I'm not sure its really worth it to study any language at the university , people say to me that you can learn any language by yourself or by travelling to the country you want to learn it's language . Fewer Americans are studying a foreign language. A levels – To get on to a languages related degree, you will usually require at least two A levels. show 10 more Best Universities for Languages?? I have already made a beginning in learning Python because it seemed fun. I'm senior at the moment , and intending to study languages next year , like Japanese or Arabic . Studying literature at university is very different to doing English Literature at school, where you often spend a whole term looking at one novel or play with your whole class, ... so it can be worth keeping your options open with a more general degree. ... Is it really worth the time, ... and some universities have instituted innovative language programs. 8 August 2016. Gcse helppp Can I study English Language at university without studying it at A-level? Sections. We know this. (Only) doing one foreign language at university Firstly, you have someone to hold your hand, so to speak, and guide you while you learn the language. We talk about it on this website practically every day.