So I started trying out all kinds of different versions like this Bourbon Moscow Mule. Ginger beer, lime juice and bitters are consistent with the original recipe but the tequila and triple sec bring this cocktail south of the border. Thanks for visiting Inspire Travel Eat! There’s really only two places I like a little heat. Best Spicy Jalapeno Moscow Mule Recipe Search for: June 5, 2020 / posted in Cocktails / no comments. June is an absolutely crazy month for our family. If you love a Moscow Mule made with tequila, you'll also love this spicy version! In a tall glass, add a few jalapeno pieces and 2 ginger pieces. For other great twists on the Moscow Mule, make sure you check out this Tropical Moscow Mule and this Cherry Moscow Mule.If you just need the classic, make my Original Moscow Mule.And make your jalapeño vodka a double batch and use it in this Jalapeño … Your email address will not be published. Say Hola to this Jalapeño Moscow Mule Recipe in Spicy /Kombucha. Maybe even wear gloves. I spelled that right on the first try…Boom. It seemed like all of a sudden, Moscow Mules got super trendy and were on every cocktail menu. Ole. Ginger beer; 2 oz jalapeño infused vodka or tequila standard tequila or vodka works; 1/4 jalapeño seeded and gently … Maybe even wear gloves. I can help you with the first 3 but the ambiance is on you… music, clean up, give them a shot so they are already getting drunk and everything is fun… up to you :). Gluten free vodka is another healthy alternative such as Titos. Moscow mules are one of the best drinks out there with a lot of terrific variations including this one that adds a little spicy kick. Add tequila and Triple Sec and give a quick stir. My site is dedicated to the 22nd century person with a lust for travel and adventure, need for time efficient recipe ideas as well as anyone in need of self-help or a pick-me up! The perfect drink that's sweet and spicy. The perfect drink that's sweet and spicy. Fresh ginger has a plethora of added health benefits such as it boosts immunity, fights infection, soothes the stomach, counters acid reflux and is an anti inflammatory. A Moscow Mule is so five minutes ago. Just like Panera’s Broccoli Che, Even the smallest person can change the course of. Having allergies truly sucks and my constantly runny nose really tried to ruin me with some jalapeno hands and a flimsy tissue. I literally just hesitated scratching my eye from even talking about jalapeno and I didn’t even make this drink today. Li, It’s soup szn! So I’m good with this lightly spicy Mexican Mule Recipe with jalapeno. Overall one major thing I do to cut out some sweetness and sugar is use just straight lime juice vs. lime cordial or syrup but will share my recipes below. What is great is if you use the right ingredients you get a nice little kick from them too! It seemed like all of a sudden, Moscow Mules got super trendy and were on every cocktail menu. Homemade ginger beer really turns up the wow factor (plus it’s easier than you think)! Be smarter. Ginger beer is the key… at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the ginger beer as some will just have it tasting flat and meh…I love Q Spectacular Ginger Beer, Fever Tree and Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Brew especially because it comes in a cool bottle that adds to the cache. 4 ounces vodka. Email me at [email protected]! makes 2 cocktails, with 1 shot of alcohol in each drink. Mix up this Mexican Mule Recipe and dazzle your friends. Pour into your glass. It adds a richness to the drink that is wonderful. The traditional Moscow mule gets a spicy twist with tequila and sliced jalapeño in this Mexican Mule. Be smarter. Makes 2 drinks. I used to think that it was ok to skip the bitters but it’s not. There are a few tips to making drinks and especially Moscow mules of which I have below for you! DO NOT add ginger beer into shaker as you don’t want to lose carbonation, Wanna know what helps some COVID symptoms aside fr, A secret spot better than Antelope Canyon . Servings: 1. They’ll love it! Sharon's "me" time often includes watching Hallmark Channel movies, sipping sauvignon blanc, trying not to eat Salt and Pepper potato chips, and planning girlfriend getaways.