Along the way in accounting all the concepts are interrelated and if you read one and even without the concept of … The term net neutrality has been used a lot lately. Fiscal neutrality occurs when taxes and government spending are neutral, with neither having an effect on demand. 1. Many business owners believe it’s a “techie” issue, but it’s not. they might be neutral. With net neutrality, Internet Service Providers that … Continue reading "Net Neutrality and Small Business" Financial statements cannot be prepared with the purpose to influence certain decisions, i.e. This is not the case, because as the previous examples show that accounting standards, be they national or international, are not, and never will be, neutral. Neutrality & Faithful Presentation. The next accounting concept is neutrality, which means that financial statements must be free from errors or from other missions. Read the following quotation from Miller and Reading (1986, p. 64). Timeliness and Neutrality. Accounting Concepts Definitions Part : 5 ( Timeliness Concept and Neutrality Concept ) Accounting Concepts Definitions Part : 5. Simplified, net neutrality ensures open, equal access to the Internet and supports healthy competition for small and large business in the United States. Accounting’s progressive globalization might lead us to think that we are currently engaged in a trend towards the possibility of true neutrality, embodied by a single, global standard.