Becoming a pediatrician takes at least 11 years of education after high school. The first two years are spent primarily in classroom instruction, building on the foundational science courses of the premed years. After you graduate from medical school and earn your license, you must complete residency training in pediatrics. Pediatric Interest Groups (PIGs) provide the opportunity to learn about and experience the field of pediatrics starting in the first year of medical school. After medical school, students can expect to spend 4-5 years in residency programs in pediatrics and have the option to pursue pediatric fellowships. During your residency, you complete clinical rotations in different pediatric … PIGs sponsor talks and networking events, facilitate mentoring relationships with pediatric residents and faculty, and create opportunities to interact with pediatric … Next: View Schools Created with Sketch. Medical School. After college graduation, aspiring pediatricians must complete four years of medical school, then three years of training in pediatrics. Becoming subspecialized requires at least two more years … The next step in a pediatrician's education is the four-year doctoral program at an accredited medical or osteopathic college. This training usually lasts for three years. Learn how to become a pediatrician (also known as a pediatric doctor).