At present, Vitarad Company aims to have negotiations and the initial correspondence with its external customers and could take a major step in the process of economic visas through the agreement. Besides that, the short distance between the supplier and the customer will decrease the transportation costs and the products will arrive at their destination as fresh and presentable as possible. A post shared by سجاد راد (@vitarad_trading). By Weeks. The public generally prefers open farms bell peppers and they have a slightly higher price in the markets. By Months. Overview of Global Bell Pepper Market. Dice bell peppers and put them in a hearty chili, slice them and add to a deli sandwich, saute them with onions and serve on a hoagie roll with a bratwurst, or stir-fry with thinly-sliced steak and serve with rice. They usually packed and sorted by their colors, and red bell peppers separated from the yellow or green ones. Bell peppers are known for their vibrant colors and sweet mild taste. The red bell pepper wholesale price can be set by many different factors including the farming method and the season of the pepper’s harvest. 0. Also there differences in the prices of bell peppers produced in greenhouses and produced in open farms. By Weeks. Bell peppers need a lot of sunshine to grow, so in the years that there are more sunshine, there will be more products. Bell Pepper (per kilo) - Fresh vegetables. These are also a lot of potassium, an essential mineral that may improve heart health if consumed in adequate amounts. Bell peppers come in various colors, such as green (unripe), red, yellow, and orange, also there are some varieties that are purple or even brown. Many people don’t know, but all the different colors of bell peppers actually come from the same plant, but in different stages of production. After 10 days of two weeks, they will lose their skin quality and get wrinkled if not stored properly. This increase in production, could easily lower the prices of the peppers. The also owe part of their popularity to their different colors, that allows people to design their foods with them. Bell peppers are one of the main vegetables produced in Iran on large commercial scales and are an important part of the Iranian agricultural products and economy. This will also eliminate the need to use chemical preservatives which are harmful to humans when consumed. Bell peppers grown worldwide. Click image for gallery. Green bell peppers are usually less expensive than the red bell peppers, because they are unripe and have a shorter farming time. First of all, Bell peppers produced in Iran are all grown organically and with the use of traditional farming methods which have attributed to their unique quality. Product Code: FreshFood017 Availability: In Stock ₱400.00. There are a lot of new countries that are producing the vegetable on massive scales and supplying the markets. This increase in production, could easily lower the prices of the peppers. Bell peppers need a lot of sunshine to grow, so in the years that there are more sunshine, there will be more products. For Consulting And Ordering Click Below Button. This could be due to their short shelf life. Red peppers are rich in lycopene, which is effective in helping to lower the risk of certain types of cancer. This is because of the fact that bell peppers turn red at the last stage, so they stay on the plant for longer, and have higher production costs. Green, yellow, and red bell peppers all popular on the international markets and produced almost equally. Bell peppers are amazing healthy vegetables which are an important part of many international dishes and cuisines and many countries like Iran produce them on large commercial scales. A form of vitamin K, also known as phylloquinone found in these peppers, which is important for blood clotting and bone health. Iranian bell pepper exports. Using its capable experts in Iran and India, Vitarad Trading Group has been able to take a big step in the field of export and import of various agricultural products.The company is currently cooperating with most of the local gardeners and farmers in the field of export, and also by setting up a representative office in India has been able to facilitate the export process of some products and in return with mass imports of fruits Equatorial supports the domestic market. They also mostly grown in summers, and the international markets packed in this season. Get updated on daily market prices of Bell Pepper in 210+ countries. Red bell pepper, also known as red capsicum, has a crisp flavor that enhances a variety of recipes. Qty: - OR - Add to Wish List Add to Compare 0 reviews | Write a review. Nov 16, 2020 ~ Nov 23, 2020 % Weekly Price Change Compared to the Week Before-40% -20%. The bell peppers grown in greenhouses, are every bit as natural and healthy as the products harvested on open farms and the popular belief about them is not true at all. This price is often the same for both the green, red and yellow/orange. The red bell pepper wholesale price can be set by many different factors including the farming method and the season of the pepper’s harvest. As a result, they have been very popular for food decoration and have been used in many different dishes and cuisines for hundreds of years, both raw and cooked. As it was said before, red bell peppers are the ripest among the different colors and as a result contain more nutrients than the rest. Iranian bell peppers are grown in both open farms and greenhouses, and as a result, are available for local and international transportation all year long. As far as the open farm bell peppers go, the sun is the most important factor in determining their final price. All bell peppers start from green and as they stay on the plant for longer, they will turn yellow, orange, and eventually red. 20%. Prices of red bell peppers. Studies have shown that red bell peppers contain up to 50 percent more vitamin C than the green types. The red bell pepper wholesale price is suitable for these importers and the demands for these Iranian products are constantly on the rise. The cost of bell peppers can cost anywhere from $1.50 to as much as $3 per pound, depending on the time of year, type of bell pepper and geographical location. Most of your grocery stores and farmers markets will … 40%. Most of the Iranian bell peppers are exported to Middle Eastern and West Asian countries. They have a very adaptable nature and can grown in many climates and even greenhouses which makes it quite easy. Red bell peppers are also the healthiest among them, and have higher amounts of nutrition. The greenhouse technology, allows for the bell peppers to be grown in drier regions with limited fresh water supplies. This vitamin is an important natural anti-oxidant that can boost the immune system and protect the body against seasonal colds and flues in autumn and winter. The red bell pepper wholesale price is usually higher as a result of the longer production time. Also, different color bell peppers might have different prices. These peppers are low in calories and exceptionally rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, making them an excellent addition to a healthy diet. They also heavily consumed worldwide both as fresh, cooked, and even as dried powder in some places. Write a review Your Name: Your Review: Note: HTML is not translated! Find here details of companies selling Bell Peppers, for your purchase requirements. Green, unripe fruits have a slightly bitter flavor and are not as sweet as those that are fully ripe.