This popular pin will show you how to make a simple serger cover in very little time. This HClass 200S serger is very affordable and offers many features found on higher priced sergers. A single-sided coverstitch has two lines of parallel stitching on the right side, and on the reverse side it has the appearance of an overlock stitch. Take a white woven muslin, something like quilting cotton, measure its width and try feeding it: find a recognizable point on your (presser) foot (like the tiny hole it’s on front of it, or foot sides) and mark fabric with a pen while feeding. When you think to your serger's tensions are... in tension? Wow, thank you for all these tips on how to seam correctly. When you first start using your serger, if you are like most, you’ll use it for finish seams and, if you’re really adventurous, maybe you’ll use it for constructing knit garments (I think this is the main reason for a lot of us for justifying the need of a serger! They basically say that you need to: 1. Dans le manuel de ma surjeteuse il est dit que je peux coudre avec 4,3,ou 2 fils. Serger Stitches 101 Cheat Sheet: Your New Must Have! In the aforementioned state, the upper looper thread is not fed. Easy, Complete and Time Saver! Thanks, […] Serger Stitches 101 Cheat Sheet;  […]. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. To find the perfect tension, nothing is better than trying! As a rule of thumb, for georgette, chiffon and lightweight fabrics, in general, you could experience loops hanging off the edge while using a 2-thread or 3-thread (right needle) and using a medium-low cutting width. Hugs from Italy, Irene. I just used a serger for the first time today, and it cut off a bit of my fabric! Easy, Complete and Time Saver! I see where you need to push the little attachment to the left. Article by MammaNene @ Serger Pepper. Also, this probably sounds silly but when feeding my fabric into the machine, where am I supposed to line up the fabric so that as it’s fed through the machine the blade will cut evenly the whole way down? All you need to know to better use your serger! on Cheat sheet stitches. If you love the same things, why not be friends? I’ve sewn without my finger stitch for a while, before I noticed it! Hi! I have a serger but because I hardly use it for much more than for a straight seam – I don’t really get as much use out of it as I could. Thanks for appreciating it! Hi, Ada! on, This lady has some amazing serger tips!!!! Easy, Complete and Time Saver! I changed the stitch width and now nothing but problems. Serger Pillow Easy and Quick Part 1. All the four threads together? Happy sewing . Your New Must Have! The lower looper setting on your rolled hem directions look incorrect. I ended up with a bunch of sticky notes by my machine with setting reminders. How to use a serger for beginners: Let's face it, sergers can be intimidating lil fellas (especially as a beginner!). I’m 50% excited and 50% terrified. Put away the stitch finger you’re not using in its case (mine goes side by side with the 2-thread converter), so you won’t lose it! I have been usingmine for years and no issues. No luck, Only get needles indentations and no stitch. All pattern transactions happen through Paypal, and Craftsy requires that you... 2. All you need to know to better use your serger! You don’t need to do that every single time, just try getting confidence with your serger and it will become a second nature for you! Covering your serger or sewing machine is essential. Easy, Complete and Time Saver! Thank you, Ingrid. Oops! I am also very new to the world of computers so it is all a bit scary..