Always use non-iodized salt in your rubs and marinades. No smoked turkey recipe should ever include stuffing the bird. This smoked turkey recipe produces a super flavorful and perfectly cooked this 13 pound turkey took around 5 hours in the smoker and tasted super delicious. Roast Turkey Breast with Smoked Sea Salt and Brown Sugar Rub AndreHunt22989 garlic powder, smoked paprika, dark brown sugar, unsalted butter and 4 more Moroccan Rub IngridStevens The secret of the success of any poultry rub is to get it under the skin. Our smoked turkey recipe doesn't require a rub, but it is fun! This is the flavorful turkey rub recipe I used for my Thanksgiving bird of 2005. I know lots of people are a bit apprehensive about preparing their first smoked turkey. Every Thanksgiving turkey needs a rub—and this turkey rub is simple and packed with flavor. Remember to keep the turkey in the refrigerator until you are ready to put it on the fire. The salt and the sugar act to both flavor the meat and draw out moisture from the skin of the bird to create a crispy brown crust that is just as delicious as it is beautiful at the center of the Thanksgiving table. A classic Roast Turkey is a holiday centerpiece that has everyone’s mouths watering when it’s finally time to sit up to the table and feast.This roast turkey recipe is hands down the best I’ve ever had, with a butter, herb, and garlic rub that results in crispy skin and juicy, perfectly flavored meat that will have everyone asking you how you did it! Whether you are cooking for the Thanksgiving feast or making a chicken for dinner, this will become one of your go-to rub recipes. Smoked Turkey Brine and Rub. The skin is beautifully tanned and the meat is so juicy. Tuck the wing tips under the turkey and tie the legs together with kitchen string. Pat the turkey dry inside and out with paper towels. Do not stuff the bird! I have smoked over 100 and never has a bad one. If you are using a pre-brined store bought turkey you should be ready to build a fire and get smoking. Use it for roasted turkey, rotisserie-grilled turkey, deep-fried turkey, or smoked turkey. Rub the turkey all over the outside and under the skin (as much as possible without tearing) with the spice rub, then spread the oil over the whole turkey, so the rub sticks and becomes pastelike. That way it will be absorbed into the flesh more easily than if it were just rubbed onto the outside of the turkey. It makes enough rub for a 12-pound to 16-pound bird. Temp is key when smoking a turkey. Smoked turkey is a delightful way to cook a turkey while relaxing. It takes too long for the stuffing to … As always when cooking turkey I was a little worried about overcooking the breast meat and undercooking the thighs, but everything turned out well at the end. Tasty Turkey Rub For a Great Smoked Turkey.