Taking lukewarm water in small quantity at a time, start kneading the dough. 4. Stay Safe! 2. Wheat Kulcha Recipe. December 31, 2014 By Aarthi 10 Comments. I make chapati more often, i would say daily. share this. Take wheat flour in a bowl. SHARES. This Whole Wheat Kulcha Recipe is great not only to have with any curries or daals but also have it plain with some yoghurt & pickle & it is simply delicious. I have posted the Whole Wheat Kulcha but you can make this with Maida or all-purpose flour too as generally made in restaurants. Rub in between hands if required. Knead a soft dough using water as required. Wheat Kulcha |Kulcha recipe without yeast is an easy and simple recipe that is healthy and guilt-free too as it is made with whole wheat. Be Happy & Thankful! But sometimes i feel like having something different. I made wheat kulcha and flavoured it with nigella seeds and coriander leaves. Jump to Recipe. Mix well together to get a crumbly texture. Step by Step Recipe of Whole Wheat Kulcha – For the Dough – 1. Add salt and curd. So, all those who do not want to use yeast, for whatever reason, this recipe is a boon. It gives perfect results even without yeast, whether baked in an oven or on the griddle. What i go for during that time is kulcha. 0. Similar Recipes, Plain Kulcha. You may also like Kantola Recipe – Healthy Food for Covid-19. 3. I make it with wheat flour to make it really healthy. Share Tweet. So, I am posting my Whole Wheat Kulcha recipe today which is simply super to have with your favourite curries, dals or Sabji ( vegetables ) Kulcha is different from Naan because it doesn’t use yeast but uses baking powder & baking soda as a leavening agent. Hope you loved this Wheat Kulcha Recipe too !! Share. Knead the dough for good 10 mins. 5.