The core combo revolves around Wrenn and Six’s +1 ability to return up to one target land from our graveyard to our hand. The ability is "You may cast this card from your graveyard by discarding a land card as an additional cost to cast it." $62.32. View all of the top and newest decks from MTGSalvation ... MTG Salvation . But Legacy has already quickly adapted to the point where it is just another deck. Instead, there have been a lot of non-blue decks that have risen to the top by ignoring Wrenn and Six. 1 year ago. Be warned, this list it not yet optimized. Wrenn and Six (Oathbreaker) Wrenn and Six. $64.99. Avg Price $688.58. By epictwist73 Created Jun 17, 2019 Updated Jun 18, 2019. I do feel that it has a fair chance of doing well. When it comes to Magic: The Gathering’s Planeswalker cards, there are definitely hits and misses. 2019 Holiday Exchange! Wren and six is busted For those unfamiliar with retrace. Definitely might see some play in EDH lands matter decks. Buy Now! Share . In recent events, War of the Spark showed us that Wizards of the Coast was down with experimenting and putting very strong effects on Planeswalkers like we’ve never seen before.Today, Modern Horizon spoilers continued to roll out with our second ever 2 mana Planeswalker: Wrenn and Six. Modern Lands +1. Typically, when a blue Jace deck is called “the best deck,” players flock to it and it becomes a significant share of the winner’s metagame. For a 2 CMC Planeswalker this guy seems playable. In Modern, consistently hitting land drops makes Wrenn innately a decent drop. Updated Jul 20, 2019 by alektheawesome using our MTG Deck Builder. Home; Decks; Modern; Wrenn and Six; Wrenn and Six. We want to pair with Crop Rotation [] as our Signature Spell. Feel free to hover over any of those cards that you aren't familiar with. The End of an Era. In this article, I’ll explain how the combo works, then give my list for this deck. Rarity, #: M, 217 Card Type: Legendary Planeswalker — Wrenn Description: [+1]: Return up to one target land card from your graveyard to your hand. 226 decks (1.862%) Average Type Distribution. I'm not familiar with Modern decks enough to say if it will find a home there. Wrenn and Six from Modern Horizons for . A New and Exciting Beginning . Well, I suppose the deck didn't look something like that, so much as exactly like that.