This is approximately the end of August throughout September. Then pull a plant with roots out of the ground. Do this once every 2-3 years, depending on the variety. We’ll talk about this in more detail below. If the hosta variety is large or the plant has grown very much, you may need the help of another person. Over time, this curiosity grew into a hobby, now in my collection a large number of various plants. These days you can find a large number of... Fireglow vs Bloodgood Japanese Maple: Are They Similar? However, if you have experience growing hostas, you can try to split up. Frequent separation does not allow the plant to show all its decorative characteristics. The knife is suitable for separating small hosta bushes, and for cutting off damaged parts of the plant, it should be sharp. Water the plant often enough at a new place but do not create a swamp around it. It will also be useful to moisten the leaves twice a day. "}]},{"@type":"Question","name":"Can you divide hostas anytime? Divide them as they are with an old bread knife if they won't pull apart into clumps easily. By: Sandra Oโ€™Hare. "}]},{"@type":"Question","name":"Can you divide hostas in June? For zones 3 and 4, you need to start a little earlier, somewhere in late August. BUT you can divide hostas ANY time of the summer, as long as you take care to keep the new clumps well watered and fertilized. 57. It is not recommended to separate later because, in pots, it will be more difficult for plants to heal wounds. Dividing Hostas During the Summer. When hosta grew big enough, it was time to split it. If your hosta is in a container with a fat middle but a narrower neck, you may need plenty of patience and ingenuity to extract the hosta from the pot. If you do not have time at the beginning of autumn, wait until next spring. What can be said for sure that it is impossible to separate when the soil is still frozen. Smaller Hostas in pots T he smaller the pot, the more likely the hosta will freeze solid without some sort of protection. If you did everything correctly, in a short period, you wouldn’t even notice that your hostas were separated. Chris learns how to divide Hostas with the help of Master Gardener Cheryl Lockhart. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to At this time, I also recommend dividing only medium and large varieties. Hosta does not need to be divided too often. First, spray the wound with a solution of fungicide, let dry the solution slightly. First, clean the dirt from the roots and cut the plant in a vertical projection (from top to bottom) into the required number of parts. Hostas can be divided as soon as there are multiple โ€˜eyesโ€™ (little buds) around the crown of the plant. Next, cut a piece of the rhizome as if you were cutting a cake. Almost everyone remembers the spring scent of lilac, which reminds him of childhood. The cut piece can be planted in a new place. Also, at each division, there should be roots, the more roots, the better the plant will take root in a new place. The plant may not have enough time to recover before the first frosts, and you can lose it. If the rhizome is large and you want to split it into two or three parts, then you can use a shovel. I tried to separate hostas in the early spring and can say that it is possible. All prices are in GBP. Dividing Hostas in the Fall Fall division is also about a four-week window. In winter and hot summer, you cannot split hosta; otherwise, the plant will die. After you have divided the rhizomes, you need to treat the wounds. All these measures will protect the plant from rot and other infections. If you live in the north of the USA, then it is better to do it at the beginning of autumn. Depending on where you live, this period will be different. Hostas in pots can, of course, become pot bound and require either splitting or moving to a larger pot. If you slice through many roots while dividing the hosta, those roots won't grow longer or branch at the cut. Also, a small bush can be divided with a knife. ","acceptedAnswer":[{"@type":"Answer","text":"The hosta does not need to be divided too often. Dividing hostas in the spring is best before they have fully developed and when the hosta eyes are starting to grow up. National Hosta and Agapanthus Collections & Garden Tours. Spring separation can be done for about 30 days when young sprouts just appeared from under the ground and until when the leaf unfolds. However, if you do not have the time and another period, then you can do it. Until this time, they should not be separated. There's a vast range of cultivars to choose from, with leaves in all shades of green, as well as dusky blues and acid yellows, sometimes variegated or flashed with cream or gold, ruffled, smooth or distinctively ribbed. In fall, as well as in spring, you have about one month to splitting hostas. If you want to grow Hostas in pots, youโ€™re in luck! Dividing Hostas. Hostas are fairly indestructible although the slugs and snails do a good job. The second half of August is the next favorable period of summer when you can apply for separation. Move the small pots to an unheated garage for winter protection. Should your hostas wilt after transplanting, just spray their tops with water once or twice each day for two weeks. How to Split Hostas. Dividing Hostas Like A Pro - How & When To Divide Your Hosta Plants Watch Richard Merritt of New Hampshire Hostas as he shows you step-by-step how to propagate your hostas. Dividing is easy, once you know how to do it correctly. Here at Sunset Hosta Farm, when we divide our larger hostas, there are always some smaller root pieces that are attached to the main roots. To separate hosta in a pot, you need to take it out of there, clean the roots of dirt and divide the plant as described in the fourth step (see above). After cleaning, the roots should be visible to you. We are always asked by worried hosta enthusiasts how and when to divide hostas as to not damage them. If much later I put them in large pots in the shade for the summer and water them well every few days. When you dig up a hosta, you will damage the root system, which is why spring and autumn are more good for this. Also, you must consider your climate zone and the weather as a whole. Otherwise, the plant may die or take a long time to root. You can grow them in the ground. Transplanting hostas is a quick and easy chore. "}]},{"@type":"Question","name":"When is the best time to split the blue hostas? You can grow a few in the sun and many in shade. The 3-4-year-old rhizomes of hosta are quite solid, so you have to make considerable efforts. If leaves are damaged during the dividing process, thatโ€™s ok. link to Miss Kim Lilac vs Dwarf Korean Lilac: Same Or Different? ","acceptedAnswer":[{"@type":"Answer","text":"To separate hosta in a pot, you need to take it out of there, clean the roots of dirt and divide the plant as described in the fourth step (see above). Hostas take between 4-8 years to grow into a mature plant, depending on the variety. If possible, additionally shade your hosta for several weeks. The climate is warm enough in this climate zone, so you can split hostas around mid-April. Some huge hosta varieties reach their peak growth at 6-7 year growth. It is best to do this in the spring or early fall.